We run camps for all sections. Beavers get to spend a night away from home once or twice a year. Cubs have an annual weekend camp and Scouts aim to run three to four weekend camps a year and a week-long summer camp in the May half term. Camping is a very important part of the Buxted scouting experience, giving scouts the chance to be self-sufficient, cooking on wood fires, cleaning up after themselves and running their own campsites. We encourage all children to attend as many camps as they want to.

Your commitment to us 

We are a registered charity run entirely by volunteers. We charge a termly subscription of £35 three times a year, which is used to pay for materials, kit, and activities, plus building maintenance and running costs. We also collect an annual £50 capitation fee that is split between the national Scout Association, East Sussex Scouts and Ashdown District Scouts. We fundraise on top of this to meet our financial obligations so all extra donations are very much appreciated.

Camps and some other activities incur extra costs, but we try to keep these to a minimum. Weekend camps cost from £30 to £80depending on whether we are buying in instructors for adventurous activities and whether we can find a field to camp in for free. Summer camp (Scouts) costs from £300 – £400 depending on the destination and itinerary. Payments are staged throughout the year.

We try to ensure young people do not miss out on Scouting as a result of finances. If you have difficulty meeting these costs, please let us know and we will help if we can.

Subs and event costs can be paid on OSM (Online Scout Manager) at the start of each term. Please contact us if you are having issues with OSM or payments.

--- Gift Aid ---

We are a charity and can claim back gift aid on all subs. This increases the value to the group by 24% if you complete a gift aid form. Please ask your leader about how you can help out the group with Gift Aid.

There are some key calendar events that are important to the Scouting Values which all Scouts are expected to attend:

  • Remembrance Day Parade – All sections should attend, the Sunday nearest to 11th November each year
  • Carol Service – All sections – usually the first weekend in December at Crowborough
  • St Georges Day – Renewal of promises – All sections

The best place to buy Scout uniforms is from the Official Scouts Shop. Normally, uniform isn’t required until your child's investiture. See the Scout website for more details of what is needed for each section. We provide badges and scarves. We also have a lot of second-hand uniforms available – especially for the smaller children – please ask if you are interested and also if you have any you would like to donate

Please visit the individual Section page to find where to sew badges onto your uniform:

As a parent we expect you to help out when you can. We need help with transporting children and supporting weekly meetings, especially in Beavers and Cubs, there is a rota. We can’t run evenings safely without your occasional support and we can get short of leaders so if you would like to give more time please step forward! Volunteer with Buxted!

We are still building this section of the site, please bare with us!

If you have any questions or concerns... Please contact us.