Under the nurturing guidance of inspirational leaders, Beavers at Buxted Scouts spend lots of time outside the hut building dens, playing ‘wide games’, looking for wildlife, fire building, cooking and much more.

Activities are designed to help the Beavers make friends, grow in confidence, have fun, wear them out and introduce them to skills they’ll need on the many scouting adventures that await them.

Regular trips might include the beach, Bentley Miniature Railway and into Buxted Park for a picnic or treasure hunt. And parties at Halloween and Christmas all help to keep excitement levels high and ensure there’s never a dull moment.

We love to hike at Buxted and whilst older sections will take part in regional competitions, Beavers don’t miss out, with scaled-down, age-appropriate versions of hikes on the South Downs or Ashdown Forest.

Badges for activities like cooking, collecting, sports, creative craft, navigation, and first aid allow Beavers to demonstrate and practise their new skills and will eventually adorn their uniform.

As well as practical, scouting skills we help Beavers build character skills. These include things like integrity – being honest and doing what they think is right – and initiative – knowing how to take the lead without being asked. Overnight camp is a fantastic opportunity for the children to practice these and each term includes an opportunity for a night’s camp or sleepover.

Beavers work together as a team, or ‘lodge’ supporting one another in their goals each week. We love to hear about their pursuits and achievements outside meetings too – at school and at home – especially if they involve helping other people. Whether changing the world or encouraging a friend take the leap to try something new, Beavers always lend a hand.

Badge Positions

There is a wide range of badges and awards available to young people in Beavers. This is a diagram showing where each well-earned badge is to be sewn onto your Beavers jumper. Please speak to your leader if you are unsure about the exact uniform required as this can vary across groups.