Now that they’re that little bit older we want the cubs to experience more of the great outdoors, as it’s what being a scout is all about. Cubs will continue to learn through play; we take them on plenty of fun outings and try to be a little bit more ambitious with the camps. We make use of some of the excellent activity-based scout campsites around East Sussex as well as continuing to explore the wonderful Buxted Park.

Cubs are encouraged to work towards badges and love to see the results of their endeavours on their jumpers. We encourage them to try new activities at home as like everyone, Cubs learn by doing. By trying things they might not initially feel confident in, because they want to earn a particular badge, they can take ownership of their achievements when they succeed.

Skills practised during meetings can include backwoods cooking, firelighting and practical skills such as emergency aid or navigation all of which will be put to use on camps and hikes as they continue on their scouting careers.

Outings are as fun as they are educational, like our recent trip to the planetarium at Herstmonceux observatory. And of course we play lots of games to help them burn off any excess energy, with particular favourites being ultimate tag and fox and hounds.

Cubs will be guided to help and include one another when working in a group known as a ‘Six’. Cubs are headed up by a Sixer and Seconder, who are given these important roles to gain what might be their first taste of leadership.

Under the watchful eyes of experienced adult leaders, Cubs also benefit from our involvement of Young Leaders – Explorer scouts aged 14 to 18 – who help run cub meetings, providing positive role models whilst helping to bridge the age gap between Cub and adult leaders.

Badge Positions

There is a wide range of badges and awards available to young people in Cubs. This is diagram showing where each well-earned badge is to be sewn onto your Cubs jumper. Please speak to your leader if you are unsure about the exact uniform required as this can vary across groups.