Buxted Scouts is linked to the Falcon Explorer Unit, with scouts usually moving up at age 14. With the support, direction and guidance of unit leaders, Explorers have the freedom to design their own programme, lead themselves and work towards the top awards that Scouting offers. 

It’s like Scouts, but activities can be more adventurous or challenging. After all, they’ve developed some serious scouting skills by this stage. The camps might be more remote and hikes could involve mountaineering.  But often it’s much like a bunch of friends meeting; they might go ice skating or to the cinema, how Explorers spend their time is up to them, they set the agenda.

Explorers will have the opportunity to be a part of the Young Leader scheme which develops leadership skills and a sense of responsibility, by helping to run meetings for younger sections. An Explorer reaching 18 doesn’t need to signal the end of their scouting journey, as he or she can then move into the adult Scout Network and an adult volunteer role. After all, scouting skills are for life.

If you were a Beaver, Cub or Scout, you’ll already know that being a Scout is all about completing awards at every step of the journey. As an Explorer, there are more chances to soar than ever before, as you’ll be introduced to a whole new range of Top Awards, including the King’s Scout Award, the highest award in Scouting.

Badge Positions

There is a wide range of badges and awards available to young people in Explorers. This is a diagram showing where each well-earned badge is to be sewn onto your Explorers shirt. Please speak to your leader if you are unsure about the exact uniform required as this can vary across groups.