First Night

It can be bewildering on your first night, so here are some pointers:


The car park next to the scout hut is for use by Leaders only. This is because there is not enough room to move around and many people have damaged their vehicles due to crashing into telegraph poles and hitting the wooden sleepers. Please do not park in this car park, You can use the Surgery car park but please be respectful of their property as we have no arrangement with them to use it.


We try to encourage the children to be independent but on their first week, you can stay and watch if you feel that would help them, though most children seem to settle in well and parents don’t generally stay on evenings they are not scheduled to help. Some parents wait in the car park if the commute home takes too long. There is a playground next door for waiting siblings in the summer months.


Beaver and Cubs often need parental help, we can’t do it without your input too. At Beavers, there is a weekly rota so once your child has settled in please do your bit (it’s unlikely to be more than once a term). If this is difficult for you please discuss this with the section leaders.

Getting invested

After three or four weeks of attendance, when your child is ready, we will invite them to join and participate in a simple investiture ceremony in which they will make their preferred Scout Promise, and receive their investiture badges and scarf. Your child will then renew their promise annually with the group on St Georges Day.

Buying uniform

The best place to buy Scout uniforms is from the Official Scouts Shop. Normally, uniform isn’t required until the investiture. See the Scout website for more details of what is needed for each section. We provide badges and scarves. We also have a lot of second-hand uniforms available – especially for the smaller children – please ask if you are interested and also if you have any you would like to donate


All sections communicate by email (let us know if this does not work for you), emails are mainly sent out weekly. Generally, it is easiest to communicate back by email or by speaking to leaders at meetings.

Registration forms

You can’t leave your child with us without having completed a registration form. Each section has its own but the Scout troop one is available here: Scout Record Card. Without this, your child is not covered by our insurance and can’t stay. We’ll also ask for fresh forms for every camp or external activity, we are required to do this by the scout association again for insurance purposes.

DBS checks

All leaders are DBS checked. If you are helping on the odd evening you are an occasional helper and need to fill out an occasional helper form. For anything more (and if it might involve working with young people without the presence of a leader) a full DBS check is required.

First aid

All our Leaders are first aid trained. For anything more serious than bangs and scrapes we may call you to collect your child and would expect you to take them to A&E if required. We will accompany them to the hospital if an ambulance is called.